Hi there, my name is Adrian. I am a freelance web & graphic designer.

Hello everybody. I am a web developer and graphic designer, specialised in Magento and ImpressPages, but if you really want that Wordpress website, I can do that as well. You can read more about the services I offer in the other section, but before you do it, I'd like you to know me better. 

How it all started?

I learned HTML & CSS from the short course in the game magazine, I immediately designed and coded from scratch my first website with stupid jokes and some breath taking ;) articles. I had no internet connection back then, so I copied my work onto ONE 1.44MB floppy disc and took it to my friend to upload it to the web. I was 12 back then, this website is still online. I can give you a link if you pay me enough ;)

Can you be a web developer and still be a human?

Not quite, if you need a website and want to keep your friends and family, better hire me. I do leave my cave sometimes, but it is only to buy food. However, I do have human hobbies. I like bonsai trees, old cars, books, photography, travelling and cold beer. I hate both my dogs, but I still keep them because I admit their honesty, they hate me too and they don't even try to hide it. We do have these long "who will ignore everyone longer" contests, I always win, because I feed them, so they have to ask for food once a day. It's a very healthy relationship.